VipXo, measure of the productivity

Indicators for :

  • Machine tools
  • Assembly line
  • Special machine
  • Manufacturing cell (steel industry, mechanics, ..)
  • Blankin press
  • Drawing press
  • Injection molding machine

Registered trademark
INPI 03 3 193 203

Indicateurs en temps réel

Show in real-time the indicators of productivity by machine, by group of machine or for a complete workshop.

Graphique d'évolution du TRG, TRS, Taux de change

Show the evolution graphic of the GEE, OEE, Load rate, Operational availability, Performance rate, Quality rate,..


Measure exactly, the duration and the frequency of the production stops.

Suivi d'avancement

Follow the progress and the performance of your productions with the job cards.

VipXo Hardware
Collecte et traitement des informations d'atelier Solution de communication Wifi TCP/IP et RS485 Logiciel VipXo terminal d'atelier terminal atelier wifi douchette code barre Réseau WiFi
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